Supportive Therapies can help.

Contain the Debilitating Side Effects of Medical Treatment with Supportive Therapy

“Medical procedures can be brutal on both mind and body. Whether it’s recovery from a triple heart bypass or side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, the resulting pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety and stress can zap your body’s strength and weaken your spirit. Supportive Therapy can help.

Debra Reis, RN, MSN, NP

Speaker, Author, Founder of STEP
Email: debrareis@gmail.com
Phone: 419-349-1815

What are Supportive Therapies?

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Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants and trees which have shown to provide specific benefits for overall health, wellness and balance.

Relaxation Therapies

Relaxation therapies have shown to give relief from acute and chronic discomfort, support the immune system, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote recovery from surgery.

Gentle Movement Therapies

This includes Nia, Ageless Grace and Imaginal Body movement. Nia is a fitness program blending elements from dance, martial arts and yoga to help build strength and flexibility.

For Medical Professionals

the Supportive Therapy Engagement Program

A roadmap to integrate supportive therapy for your institution.

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STEP Program

The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program will help you implement or improve a Supportive Therapy program in your institution.

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Learn more about the Supportive Therapy Engagement program, where it has been successfully implemented and how it fits with your organization.

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Online Courses

10.5 total CE credit hours. Choose 3 online course options. Learn at your own pace.

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Debra’s presentations can be provided as a keynote, breakout, or full day class that meet your group or organization’s needs. Debra will customize the presentation based on your group’s interest and needs.

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View speaker one sheet and list of speaking topics currently offered.

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1-on-1 Consultations

Your consultation will include setting goals for your healing plan. Debra will review the varieties of supportive therapies and the practice and benefits of each.

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View the process of Debra Reis' one on one consultations.

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Online Courses

10.5 CE Hours. Courses include videos, downloads, manuals, and more!

Filled with practical applications and useful information. Learn at your own pace with nurse practitioner Debra Reis, RN, MSN, NP.

Online Courses Aromatherapy


3 CE hours! How to use essential oils safely to enhance your massage practice. Don’t risk harming or burning the skin. Know what oils to avoid if your client is on medications like blood thinners.

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Online Courses Aromatherapy


3.5 CE hours! How to safely use essential oils to assist with cancer treatment. Know what oils to avoid if you have estrogen positive concerns. Learn how to help alleviate nausea, discomfort, and anxiety.  Explore current research of essential oils for cancer care and symptomatology.

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Online Courses Aromatherapy


This 4 CE course gives a foundation for using essential oils in a healthy way and ideas on using them for general emotional and physical concerns. Avoid exposure to toxins, adulterants and additives. Learn how to relieve everyday aches, stress, and anxiety. 

$169: Learn More