Discover the 5 Top Essential Oils
for Cancer Care

Did you know that studies have shown that the use of essential oils helps decrease stress and anxiety in patients with critical illnesses?

Discover the 5 most effective oils and the most beneficial ways
to use each one... including real-life case studies.

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Nia is a fusion fitness program that blends elements from the dance arts, the martial arts and the healing arts.

Deb has experience in the application of the Nia concepts to people who are living with a cancer diagnosis.

Participants have expressed their results as including greater flexibility, toning and community support.

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Healing Touch

Healing Touch therapy uses energy-based techniques to balance and align the human energy field.

Body, mind, emotions and spirit are harmonized through this therapeutic process. Deb's Healing Touch specialty is in working with people living with cancer.

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Aromatherapy is a healing art form that, when properly used with high quality therapeutic grade essential oils, can enhance health and wellness.

The active components of therapeutic essential oils can provide benefit and support to the person dealing with specific health conditions such as cancer.
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