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Debra Reis

Debra Reis

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Why Supportive Therapy?


Medical procedures can be brutal on both mind and body. Whether it’s recovery from a triple heart bypass or side effects from chemotherapy and radiation, the resulting pain, discomfort, fatigue, anxiety and stress can zap your body’s strength and weaken your spirit. Supportive Therapy can help.

Please watch The Victory Center’s Faces of Victory video. Debra Reis is featured as a provider of supportive therapy.

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants and trees which have shown to provide specific benefits for overall health, wellness and balance. Essential oil therapy has been proven to help relieve the discomfort associated with a wide variety of health conditions. In addition, Raindrop Technique™ also can be provided as a part of a wellness plan.

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Relaxation Therapies

This group of therapy systems include energy therapy such as Healing Touch, Guided Imagery and Visualization. These therapies can help to balance and align you. Relaxation therapies have shown to give relief from acute and chronic discomfort, support the immune system, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote recovery from surgery.

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Gentle Movement Therapies

This includes Nia, Ageless Grace and Imaginal Body movement. Nia is a fitness program blending elements from dance, martial arts and yoga to help build strength and flexibility. Ageless Grace is done in a chair for comfort and ease. Imaginal Body work uses gentle, subtle movements which may be supported by light touch to help correct physical concerns. All programs can be done in class format or private session.

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Therapy Patients

with S.T.E.P.

the Supportive Therapy Engagement Program

A roadmap to integrate supportive therapy for your institution



We hadn’t until becoming acquainted with author, speaker, and nurse practitioner, Debra Reis, MSN. She shared with us that as a nurse, she had been working in clinical settings and had witnessed first-hand the many wonders that modern medicine creates ever day. However, even with the advanced diagnostics and scientifically educated doctors and medical professionals, she felt that there was a piece missing.

– Soartosuccessmagazine.com

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