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What is a Holistic Assessment?

In Natural Healing by Debra Reis

Do you want to learn about healthier practices but not sure where to go? Or perhaps you wish to change a lifestyle pattern but not sure how to get started.  If  you have had these questions or you have an interest in wellness and learning healthier practices, then consider a Holistic Health Assessment.

A holistic health assessment is similar yet different than a traditional health assessment from your medical provider. The similarity is that a health history is taken and reviewed along with any surgeries, procedures, etc. The difference is that a holistic practitioner is looking for patterns in your life to help guide your plan as well as share options for you to consider. This process takes time and you get one on one attention for at least an hour versus 10-15 minutes in a traditional setting.

Another difference is that a holistic health assessment begins with your goal. Now, this can be a surprise for some people. Usually they go to a provider with their problem or concern and a prescription or other intervention is identified. A holistic provider shares your goal – it is mutually agreed upon and then tools are suggested to help YOU reach that goal.  YOU are the active participant in this plan. This is also a different focus from traditional health care where you are given a plan. In a holistic consultation, it is expected that you will choose the strategies best for you. Outcomes will be reviewed at set time points and the plan can be adjusted along your journey. This takes time and commitment on both the part of the client and the holistic practitioner.

After a health history is obtained and reviewed, the holistic practitioner will ask questions around some basic categories including the following:

Diet/Nutrition including supplements. Suggestions may include reducing certain foods that can be linked to health concerns as well as education on rationale for choices.

Exercise.   A holistic practitioner will help identify a plan that meets your needs and physical abilities.  There are many forms of gentle exercise that can be identified.

Sleep/Rest. There is a lot of research on the benefits of sleep for health.  Tips on sleep hygiene to promote better sleep may be reviewed.

Spiritual Practice. Ideas for a spiritual practice may be shared along with the benefits for total health balance.

Relaxation Practices. A holistic practitioner can give you quick tips that you can use everyday even with a busy lifestyle.

A session should include tools such as educational handouts that will assist your practice as part of your wellness plan.

A holistic health assessment is usually 60-90 minutes long and prices may range from $60-$150 per hour.

Comments from participants that have experienced this service include:

“More than I expected, not sure why I waited so long!”

“Enjoyed learning and experiencing the relaxation techniques.”

“Good information and relating it to my situation.”

If you would like more information on holistic health assessments or wish a consultation, contact me.

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