Tune Up Your Frequency – Just Move!

In Nia, STEP by Debra Reis

Did your exercise or fitness routine/schedule get messed up with this pandemic and all of the restrictions!? Mine did. My gym closed down and when it reopened there were new guidelines to remember. Yes, you can do exercise at home or around the yard but do you ever get distracted? My family believes if I am at home then I am available and I allow myself to get pulled away from my routine.

Your body was meant to move. Look at your structure – bones supporting, ligaments, and tendons connecting, muscles moving. You are never really at rest. Breath is continuous, heart rate is constant. Energy is always flowing within and around us.

When we are stressed or living in fear, then we become immobilized or only doing what is necessary. We can forget about the balance of what movement brings to our overall wellness plan. Movement releases those natural feel-good hormones in our body. These hormones elevate our vibrational frequency and bring balance to our system.

Fitness does not have to be painful. Truly, that is not the body’s way – no pain, no gain. I believe we can utilize moves and movements that bring pleasure and peace within our body, mind, and spirit. Let yourself have fun when you exercise!

Do you find yourself doing the same fitness activities maybe even leading to boredom? According to some experts, repetitive training is not the best exercise for the body nor the mind. It can lead to entrainment – working the same area or areas of the body perhaps losing agility or flexibility for the whole body. In addition, repetitive training reduces mental stimulation and creativity and may lead to boredom and reduce interest in doing any exercise. This is even evident in the work settings where we are doing similar tasks or actions repeatedly.

Nia is one type of gentle movement and supports my philosophy of a supportive therapy that is gentle and gives balance to your mind, body, and spirit. Often, Nia is referred to as a fusion fitness program blending techniques from the dance arts like jazz, martial arts like tai chi, and the healing arts such as yoga. Nia helps build strength and flexibility. It is FUN and adaptable to all fitness levels. Let’s get moving 🙂