The Imaginal Body – Nothing Imaginary about It!

In Natural Healing by Debra Reis

I have the privelege of doing a preconference workshop with Elaine Valois at the American Holistic Nurses Association convention in Utah. I have done study with Elaine and learning her technique of the Imaginal Body for healing and for greater awareness of who we are and what we are truly capable of doing and being!

The concept of “imaginal cells” has recently been used to describe the transformation of the catepillar into the butterfly – it is a beautiful process! Our workshop will explore the imaginal body as a dance with the physical body and observing/experiencing the wonderful possibilities:) The actual body carries the memories of stress, trauma and more. The imaginal body can be an agent for inner awareness and healing. This is really cool stuff!!

Elaine has done her homework and this is not a new concept! The ancient Egyptians describe it as the double/subtle body. There are ancient records about the imaginal cells (body). It is our belief that we can tap into this healing process where the actual and the imaginal body become one. Imagine the transformation that is available and possible.

Elaine and I will be presenting, sharing and guiding this workshop on June 13th in Snowbird, UT. Please check the AHNA website for registration information.