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Quench Your Chaos with Your Aromatherapy

In Aromatherapy, Relaxation Therapies, STEP by Debra Reis

Need to quench your chaos which fuels your stress? Consider this tip: Place a drop of essential oil on a tissue or rub together on your hands and inhale deeply. You may even wish to inhale right from the bottle. I did this the other day after a very stress-filled day at work! It was quick and easy and absolutely …

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Tips for Quality Sleep

In Natural Healing, Relaxation Therapies, Videos by Debra Reis

When life gets busy, sleep is affected – either we shorten the amount of time we sleep or we get disrupted sleep.  This can cause frustration and further affecting our quality of sleep. Research shows that when we get less than 7 hours of sleep, we are at greater risk for health problems, injury and making mistakes.  Many of us …