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Tune Up Your Frequency – Just Move!

In Nia, STEP by Debra Reis

Did your exercise or fitness routine/schedule get messed up with this pandemic and all of the restrictions!? Mine did. My gym closed down and when it reopened there were new guidelines to remember. Yes, you can do exercise at home or around the yard but do you ever get distracted? My family believes if I am at home then I …

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Frequency of Life

In Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Natural Healing, Nia by Debra Reis

It is said that everything alive vibrates. This is where we get the language – vibrational frequency. A motion not usually seen with the naked eye but certainly measurable as electromagnetic waves or hertz. Our bodies have different frequencies. Even the earth has a frequency. Research has shown that the body frequency will decrease with illness. Review the work of …