Summer First Aid with Essential Oils

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

Summertime is wonderful but it can have its own special first aid concerns such as burns, bug bites and skin rashes. In my opinion, the following are a few “must haves” in your summer first aid kit:
Lavender – good for what bugs you – bites, skin rashes and sun burns. Lavender is gentle and can be used on the area of concern.

Geranium – its floral fragrance can uplift a mood however it is great for cuts and scrapes and will slow (or stop) bleeding from a minor cut or scrape.

Peppermint – is wonderful for its cooling sensation if you feel overheated – put a drop on the back of the neck with a cool cloth. It is also great to put on bruises to speed healing but NOT an open cut! Peppermint is a great comfort for sore muscles and fatigue.

The above oils are beneficial for those who are dealing with a diagnosis of cancer and looking for natural products for wellness.

More information: Essential Oils for Summer First Aid.