Spiritual Connection & Essential Oils – One Thought

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

I read a great passage today and it reminded me of the oneness of our connection to all (Melody Beckman Eastman,The Word In Season, Daily Devotions). The writer identifies that God’s relationship to this creation is not as a spectator. God sends forth God’s Spirit (or breath) to give us life. The life we have is the breath of God moving through us, within us and connecting us to all of creation.

Our essential oils come from living plants which also has received the breath of life. This really spoke to me how valuable our essential oils are for health and wellness; and how important it is that we do not alduterate this creation. Essential oils do assist our physical and mental bodies. However, I would encourage us to be mindful of their spiritual healing and interconnection with our life force. Life Supports Life.