The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program (S.T.E.P.)

The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program will help you implement or improve a Supportive Therapy program in your institution. Debra Reis will provide a roadmap for integrating Supportive Therapies into the treatment plans for your patients. She will develop seminars and courses for nurses and other medical professionals on staff to create a basic knowledge base and build assessment skills to determine patients’ needs on an individual basis. Integrating therapies which address side effects of medical procedures is the next STEP toward better total patient outcomes.

Supportive Therapies
Supportive Therapies for Organizations

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STEP in Action

The Supportive Therapy Engagement Program has been implemented at these institutions:

Dorothy Kern Cancer Center in Fremont, OH
Fostoria Infusion Center, Fostoria, OH
Hickman Cancer Center at Bixby, Adrian, MI
Monroe Cancer Center, Monroe, MI
Bay Park Infusion Center, Oregon, OH
The Toledo Hospital Infusion Center
Hickman Cancer Center at Flower Hospital, Sylvania, OH


Deb Reis, R.N. is highly recommended to be a featured presenter at any event. You will love her essential oil introductory classes and her expansion classes. They are thorough, informative and keep the audience interested all the way to the end. I love when the audience members leave saying how they wished their friend would have come or that they have lots of information they are excited to share with others. Deb gives a science flair and a fresh style to the essential oil classes. For those needing professional credits, our community greatly appreciated her accredited class for nurses also. They contained outstanding information and the feedback all validated her excellent teaching style.”
Connie McDanel, Bermidji, MN

“The integrative therapy training has made a positive impact on our resident care. The staff now has a better understanding of why the holistic approach is more beneficial for residents, families and staff opposed to stronger anti-psychotic drug use. They now have the knowledge, techniques and tools to use to be able to provide a calm and comfortable living environment for our residents, which at times can be a challenge when assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease and related Dementia’s. Everyone had fun with the training class and all had great things to say about the content and Deb’s presentation style as well. Everyone was engaged and eager to put what they learned into practice.”
Deanna Jones, Activities Assistant/STNA/Certified Dementia Practitioner, The ProMedica Goerlich Center