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Power of Words and Your Health

In Natural Healing, Relaxation Therapies by Debra Reis

I have been a believer of our words and their correlation to our health and wellness.  Remember this saying,  “be careful for what you pray for, you might get it!”  Hmmm:)
There are many books published on this topic including well known authors Larry Dossey, MD (Healing Words) and Wayne Dyer (Power of Intention). There is even research on topics such as the healing power of prayer – words that have intention for another.

We may forget or not be aware that words spoken have vibration.  Vibration is energy.  Even our thoughts, emotions and actions have energy. Remember the sayings – “what goes around comes around” or “what you put out there will come back 10 fold.”  Where do these statements come from?  These messages may have been spoken to us by parents, grandparents or mentors.  Do you know of statements people made – positive or negative – and then it became a reality?  I do!  A friend of mine shared that he tripped and broke his toe.  He wondered what was going on in his life to make him stumble.  He became aware of his language which was, “Oh give me a break!”  Now, I am sure many of us have made that statement – become aware – what are you creating, manifesting for yourself?
Recently, I came across a new twist written by Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD in his book, Medical Aromatherapy – Healing with Essential Oils.  In this book, he identifies language as masculine and feminine.  Today, our society views illness and disease from a masculine perspective – for example, “developing a new weapon against ..”, “killing germs”, “the war on cancer” and so on.  He describes this as violent and unfortunately it is the focus of medicine today as well as medicinal research.  As we consider these words and this language, it take a lot of energy to do this action of weapons, war and so forth.

Even many great causes use this language – cure, fight, racing.  What does this do to the concept of healing?  I am not sure but it sounds depleting!  I even made a strong suggestion to one organization – why not put funds raised to research mind/body principles on this illness/disease versus all dollars going to medications to fight/kill the illness/disease.  I never did receive a reply or response.  Instead of tearing down a system, why not have a focus on building or supporting a system?

Schnaubelt considers a holistic model as having a more feminine perspective.  Modalities such as aromatherapy, meditation, energy work use more of a Hygieian principle of strengthening and nurturing (Schnaubelt, p. 130).  The language includes to build up, support or strengthen.  Many of these therapies actually identify their purpose as being one to support the system(s) of the body, mind and spirit; to aid the body’s natural healing abilities.

I would add that a true Integrative Health Care approach would blend both masculine and feminine qualities as equal importance in a health care plan.  So, consider your words.  What are you manifesting, creating for your health, your life?