Nia Exercise – Benefits for Cancer Survivors

In Nia by Debra Reis

Nia, a fusion fitness program that blends the beauty of the dance arts (modern dance, Duncan Dance and jazz), the power and precision of the martial arts (tai chi, tae kwon do, aikido) along with the balance of the healing arts (yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique). Nia is for every body and is adaptable to many fitness levels. Developed by Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, Nia has become an international sensation in the fitness world.

Personally, it meets my exercise needs for variety with cardio along with flexibility, grace, and strength training. I love the variety of music that does not allow me to get into entrainment and definitely keeps me to adherence – asking for what is next!?

I have used Nia fitness for over 10 years with people who are cancer survivors. There are concerns about moving a certain area, fatigue, and appearance. Nia is about body awareness and sensation – something that can be denied or ignored during treatment or after surgery. Nia is about pleasure and not pain. If it hurts, adjust or do not do it! Keep the body moving and have FUN! Fun – this is the key theme in our cancer survivor class. Students have shared the loving community they have found with Nia, acceptance, and feeling good to move their body (even from a chair)!

We have completed our research study on Nia fitness with breast cancer patients receiving radiation and currently in development of the manuscript. More to follow. Nia can and is being used by all people, all ages, all fitness levels – it is for Every Body! Enjoy:)