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Natures Spa – a celebration of natural beauty

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing by Debra Reis

To celebrate the Spring Solstice, we sponsored a Natures Spa Happy Hour at a downtown quaint restaurant, Pam’s Corner.  Healthy food was featured along with organic skin care products, vision painting and yoga stretching/meditation, and coming together after a long, long winter to share with each other!

This was a great time to remind us of this Solstice as a time for balance – where the dark and light are equal.  We were asked, as we move toward our outer nature (light), do we honor our inner nature (dark)?  For as Carl Jung stated, without the darkness we cannot see the light of the candle flame.

We had a consistent theme with each station as well as the food which included the essences of Basil, Lemon and Lime.  All ingredients were in the food from the pesto to the lemon and lime cookies – yum!  Basil was in the lotion and skin care products.  We were reminded how basil is considered a sacred herb in many cultures and provides comfort yet is energizing.  Lemon was part of skin care used and identified the importance to cleanse and balance especially the immune system.  We diffused in the space during the spa time.  Lime was also in lotion for hands and feet and we discovered how it can be grounding yet relaxing.

So, at the Natures Spa Happy Hour, we were invited to journey and celebrate our path in life!  Our intention was to explore our inner gifts (the dark) through vision painting and journaling balanced with our outer gifts (light) from nature which included organic skin care and hand massage.  In addition, tools were provided as gifts to continue to promote healing care at home.  This has given us ideas to consider this type of format for future events.  Everyone stated that they liked the venue a lot!!  Consider bringing some spa time into your everyday life!