Lavender Essential Oil & Cancer Care – Gentle yet Powerful

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

Lavender essential oil is known for its relaxing and balancing qualities. However, lavender can have a powerful role in cancer care. Constituents from lavender have demonstrated anti-tumor effects in pancreatic and breast cancer cells (Prowell et al, 1996) and liver tumors (Mills et al, 1995). Some Hospice and Oncology Centers use lavender for pain management and insomnia. One study even showed lavender benefits for fatigue (2004). Overall, lavender essential oil is safe to use on the skin, inhalation or placing 1-2 drops in water or tea. Most lavender on store shelves is Lavandin and can still be labeled as Lavender. This is a different essential oil and should NOT be used in place of lavender. So, know your source for your lavender – the farm, growing and distillation process and handling. Individuals going through cancer diagnosis or cancer treatment should use caution with substances that have additives or solvents which is found in most store brands. Lavender is a wonderful essential oil with many benefits -do your homework on sources and Enjoy!