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Inflammation – You have Options for Healing

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing by Debra Reis

If you have a condition such as muscle/joint aches, skin concerns, allergies, or something more serious – consider that inflammation may be the problem and your liver may need support!

There are two types of inflammation.

Acute Inflammation – this is a normal immune system response to injury or infection to promote healing.

Chronic inflammation – this occurs when the body is under constant stressors which may lead to a breakdown in the immune system.

So, how does the liver connect with this inflammation and why is it so important?

The liver is a filtering system but it also converts nutrients into active forms for our body to use. The liver has functions with blood sugar balance, hormone balance, clotting factors, allergies, and more. So, when the body is under stress, this can lead to inflammation and the liver cannot fully function. When the liver is unable to function, then all or many of those connections can go out of balance and the outcome may manifest as symptoms or illness.

What are some things that contribute to inflammation?

Foods – eating a diet high in processed foods including white sugar and wheat is inflammatory. Another culprit is artificial sweeteners which may be linked to inflammatory conditions such as joint and muscle aches.

Environment – there are over 3000 chemicals intentionally added to our foods and 10,000 solvents and preservatives used in food processing. There are chemicals on our lawns and in our water.  These are toxins that get into our system and are unable to be released quickly and contributing to inflammation.

Lack of Exercise – there is a lot of research on exercise and the benefits of those feel good hormones that get released and help our body maintain balance. A sedentary lifestyle can enhance inflammation.

Stress – stressful conditions and feelings like anxiety or depression cause a release of substances in the body that can contribute to inflammation and thereby decreasing the immune system.

What are some helpful remedies?

Well, of course, healthy foods, exercise, and stress management techniques!!

Also, consider –

Probiotics – studies show that probiotics, the “good” bacteria help to block inflammation and strengthen the intestinal mucosa.

Antioxidants – one study identified that people with high levels of antioxidants had a 2-3 fold decrease risk of diseases including cancer and diabetes.

Essential fatty acids – omega-3 – prevent oxidation which correlates with inflammation. In addition Omegas can support heart health and the immune system.

Enzymes – help the body’s absorption of food and nutrients.

Genuine Essential Oils – several essential oils have anti-inflammatory actions such as Thyme, Basil, and Peppermint.

For more information, consider my ebook, Inflammation and Your Liver, Cool It Down with Essential Oils.  Also, view my video on the topic: