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Inflammation & the Liver – My Cleansing Story with Essential Oils

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing by Debra Reis

My personal healing story discusses what was going on in my life and the cleansing that assisted me to a healthy balance.  Essential oils and other products were part of my overall health plan.   Nutrition, exercise and stress management also were key elements in this plan.  This is all included in my new ebook, Inflammation & Your Liver – Cooling it Down with Essential Oils.   Learn easy, practical steps on how to cleanse your liver which is so very vital in our overall health!

The following is a summary of what you will discover in this ebook:

Chapter 1 – My Cleansing Story

I discuss how I developed a skin sensitivity after using organic, good quality essential oils.

I knew it was not related to the essential oil but to something going on inside of me.

This chapter includes the plan I used to cleanse my liver which allowed me to clear my skin sensitivity.

Chapter 2 – Power to the Thyroid through Liver Cleansing

I received a diagnosis of low thyroid function and was advised to use medication.

Looking at my life at this time, I decided to go with the liver cleansing program.

Information is provided on how the liver connects to the thyroid and hormone functioning

and how a healthy program can bring balance to your entire system.

Chapter 3 – The Cholesterol Challenge – Love Your Liver

My healing story continues with a diagnosis of high cholesterol.

Review how cleansing the liver can bring cholesterol in balance.

Read how I was able to bring my cholesterol levels into normal range

with a program that included medications (short term), exercise, diet, stress management and essential oils.

Chapter 4 – Inflammation

Many consider inflammation the root to all (or most) illness and disease.

Learn how the gut may be a major player to whole body inflammation.

Identify how essential oils and other healthy remedies can cool down the flame!

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Wishing you the best on your healing journey!