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Holistic Retreat: Finding time for self-care and renewal

In Natural Healing, Relaxation Therapies by Debra Reis

Do you feel like your time is not your own?  Or, perhaps you have a need to “get away” from it all?  If so, consider a holistic retreat.

We all experience stressors and sometimes it feels like our time is not our own.  This can affect our energy level and possibly lead to illness.  One self care strategy that I enjoy is participating in a holistic retreat.  Retreats are meant to be renewing and refreshing.  The word “retreat” comes from the Latin meaning to withdraw, step back to a place of shelter, safety, sanctuary.  When we are under stress and time pressures, we often find that we must step back to get our life in perspective.  A retreat can help us with that renewal and inner balance.

This is not something new.  Ancient cultures recognized the importance of a retreat to reconnect with a sense of inner peace.  In indigenous cultures like Native American, there is a tradition called a “vision quest” which takes place in nature and allows the person to spend time in solitude.  This form of retreat is meant to help one find purpose and direction.  This concept is true of retreats today.

Holistic retreats can be personal or in a group setting which can connect us with people that may stimulate creativity and help restore our inner direction.  Often, these retreats will include activities, food, and personal time with an intention for bringing oneself back to balance.

There are retreats that focus on specific groups such as retreats for women or men, couples, those who want a silent retreat and those who are interested in nature retreats.  There area retreat centers where you can go with your group or go for your own personal time.  You can choose from a variety of time for retreats ranging from a half day to a full weekend or longer.

If you are feeling stressed and looking to have time for renewal, consider a retreat to give yourself time to rest, renew and restore balance of your mind, body and spirit.  I am coordinating a Natures Spa retreat on Saturday, September 20th from 8am-12 noon at Wildwood Metropark.  This is a wonderful time to explore the sights and sounds of nature, celebrate your creativity and move forward into the autumn season.  Our morning will close with a gathering and a healthy lunch.  For more information, click here.