Holiday Potpourri with Essential Oils

In Aromatherapy, Holidays by Debra Reis

This is a great time of year to share potpourri with special holiday scents.

Recently, our cancer survivor group had a class where everyone brought in something to share
in the potpourri pot! We had dried herbs and spices, dried fruit slices and
flowers, even small pine cones.

Next, we reviewed the essential oils that are special for the holiday season.
We discussed Orange oil and its benefits to calm and uplift the immune system.
In addition, there have been numerous studies related to Orange oil and its effects
against cancer. This oil was definitely going to be part of our recipe.

Cinnamon essential oil was discussed along with its very effective immune stimulating qualities plus it has a warm, comforting fragrance. We all agreed to add a little Frankincense essential oil to the mixture. Frankincense has been widely studied for its
effects against all types of cancer cells. It is known to support the immune system and
be spiritually uplifting.

Many of us remember our mother or grandmother using cloves in the holiday cooking. Clove essential oil has high antioxidant qualities. It also is warming and supports emotional
balance. The last essential oil we included was Nutmeg. Known for supporting the adrenals which can get depleted during stressful times such as the holidays.

Our recipe for a large kettle of potpourri included:
20 drops of Orange essential oil
12 drops of Cinnamon essential oil
4 drops of Frankincense essential oil
6 drops of Clove essential oil
6 drops of Nutmeg essential oil

This made about 10-12 containers.
Add or delete essential oils as you wish for your special mixture.
Use glass containers and decorate with ribbon.
It makes a festive decoration with healthy fragrant benefits.

Enjoy the Season!