Healthy Sunscreen You Create!

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Watch my video on Natural Sunscreen Protection: Quick Tips for Busy People. I explain how sunscreen can be healthy and fun to create.  Also see my related article below.

There has been a lot of press about many if not most sunscreen products on the market and their cancer causing ingredients. In fact, in the years since sunscreen use began, skin cancer rates have actually risen. So what is safe? Probably the best product is the one you make and know the ingredients. There are actually natural, everyday food items that we can use for sun protection!! These are some food items that we can put on our skin and have a natural sun protection factor of SPF. Almond oil, Coconut oil, and Shea Butter each have an SPF of about 5. Carrot seed oil has an SPF of about 35. You can combine these ingredients and add Zinc Oxide to the mixture. Zinc Oxide has an SPF of 2-20 depending on how much is used. Consider adding genuine essential oils such as Lavender or Myrrh which help protect the skin against the sun. Please make sure your ingredients are organic. Several experts agree – do not put anything on your skin that you would not eat! That includes your sunscreen. Remember to practice sun safety such as short exposure time, protection with a hat, sunglasses and to drink plenty of water.

Here is a quick sun screen recipe:

2 oz of Sesame Seed oil or Coconut oil Mix together 4 drops each of myrrh, peppermint and lavender and place with sesame seed or coconut oil. Safely enjoy the summer.

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