Healthy Aging with Essential Oils as Part of Your Plan

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing, Videos by Debra Reis

As we age, certain concerns may become bigger or new issues arise such as aches and pains, lack of memory clarity and/or ways to continue the romance. Healthy aging includes good nutrition, proper rest, exercise, spiritual practice and regular stress management techniques. Essential oils can be part of a great healthy aging plan. The following are some quick tips to use your essential oils for healthy aging:

Aches and Pains – as we age, often people notice minor aches can increase in intensity and perhaps become more chronic. One essential oil that is versatile for comfort is Lavender. Apply over an area of concern; inhale for headaches or diffuse it if you have problems falling asleep.

A common concern as we age is loss of mental focus or sharpness. One essential oil known to assist mental clarity and helping one to focus is Rosemary essential oil. Place a few drops of Rosemary essential oil on a tissue and inhale throughout the day. Or diffuse at bedtime to enhance mental clarity for the daytime.

As we age, many ask – how do we keep the romance alive? Well, essential oils can be helpful to give feelings of joy and peace. One essential oil known for romance and love is Jasmine. The flower blooms at night bringing a sweet aroma. Inhale Jasmine to stimulate your mind, increase alertness and give pleasant dreams.

For more information on essential oils for a healthy aging plan, watch my Biz TV show on Essential Oils for Healthy Aging: