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Gentle Movement Therapies Yield Big Results

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According to some experts, repetitive training is not the best exercise for the body nor the mind. It can lead to entrainment – working the same area or areas of the body perhaps losing agility or flexibility for the whole body. In addition, repetitive training reduces mental stimulation and creativity and may lead to boredom and reduce interest with doing any exercise.

Some of the gentle movement therapies are showing big results by integrating strength, flexibility and agility in one program! So, I do not have to do a strength program one day and flexibility another day. I have it all in one class! In addition, the program is not repetitive which some experts say may stimulate brain pathways which can lead to clearer thinking and quicker response times.

So, what are some of these gentle movement therapies?  Well, there are familiar programs such as yoga and Tai Chi.

However, there are other programs such as Nia and Ageless Grace. Nia is a fusion fitness program blending elements from dance, martial arts and the healing arts to help provide strength and flexibility. This program can be done at various speeds to accommodate all fitness levels. The link below will show you an example of the different levels that can be done in a class. Ageless Grace is a program done in a chair allowing for comfort and ease of movement along with a good dose of FUN! Examples of how a class might look is offered on the Ageless Grace website. Links for both programs are given below.

Exercise can be fun and versatile. For more information on gentle movement therapies, go to my website and also check out the links to Nia and Ageless Grace given below.  In addition, check out my video on this topic.

For more information, watch this Short Nia Demonstration or visit the Nia website and the Ageless Grace website. Learn more about Deb at her website www.debrareis.com