Estrogen Positive Cancer – Use Essential Oils?

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Those individuals with an estrogen positive cancer (or strong incidence) are able to use essential oils. However, there are a few oils that should be used with caution due to their estrogen-like qualities. These essential oils include Clary Sage, Fennel, and Geranium. Again, these oils act like estrogen and so many aromatherapists will be cautious about suggesting these oils for those with this type of cancer history. Notice that I did not say never use these oils but be cautious of how these estrogen like essential oils are used with an estrogen positive cancer.

There have been similar concerns with herbs and supplements with those who have an estrogen positive cancer. For example, black cohosh has helped many women with hot flashes but it is estrogen-like and often avoided in cancer. In addition, soy supplements are avoided for similar reasons. Many women will support a soy diet (different from supplements!) to control menopause symptoms such as hot flashes. There is very little research to support the use of these supplements and essential oils for those with a estrogen positive cancer thus it is suggested to be on the side of caution. There are many other options that can be used including other essential oils.

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