Essential Oils – Less is More (Well most of the time)!

In Aromatherapy by Debra Reis

Less is More!  This is a common statement I use in my essential oil classes and sharing with others.

It is always preferred to begin with 1-2 drops of an essential oil  with a carrier oil and

increase the drops and/or frequency based upon your response. 

 It is easier to add then to subtract essential oils! 

Make sure you have proper education on essential oils – some essential oilsare more hot

than others and need greater dilution (such as cinnamon, oregano). 

Less is more is a good way to begin using essential oils until you feel more

comfortable with the responses you are obtaining.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.  According to Dr Penoel (Natural Home Health Care Using

Essential Oils, 1998), there are times to be more assertive such as during times of acute illness.  He

also stresses that you should have proper education or seek out someone who does to guide this plan

of care.  Recently, I had to use this approach with my mother who was suffering from whole body

pain which increased her asthma symptoms of wheezing and congestion.  When I went to visit her with

my essential oils, she was using her recently prescribed pain medication which gave her some pain relief

but she was still having general body ache which limited her activity.  Also, she had respiratory

congestion and wheezing with deep breaths along with a low grade temperature and overall discomfort.

We assessed her need to go to ER (it was a weekend, of course).  She declined and said she would like

to use the oils.

I used the oils of the Raindrop Technique on her back and feet

(oregano, thyme, basil, cypress, wintergreen, marjoram, peppermint). 

I put the blend RC and Lavender essential oil with Olive oil on her upper chest for her congestion.

We used Frankincense essential oil in Olive oil on her legs for her discomfort.

After the session, she was calmer and more comfortable.  She agreed to follow up with

the oils on her feet and chest 2 more times for the evening. 

I went back the next morning.  Her temperature was normal, her general discomfort had improved

and her breathing was much better with no productive cough!!  She felt so good that she did not

need to make an extra trip to her physician.  She did do her follow-up appointment and her physician

told her to continue with her health plan.

I used a lot of essential oils with more frequency in this situation.  However, I am certified in

clinical aromatherapy and educated on proper use of Raindrop Technique.  I feel very comfortable

using essential oils for health and wellness care. 

This is one example of how we can use essential oils in a manner for acute care but we still did this as

an adjunct to  her traditional health care.  I still primarily use the Less is More method with

essential oils and get super benefits!!