Essential Oils – How do they clear, cleanse, detox?

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing by Debra Reis

There is a lot of hype about the benefits of internal cleansing and detoxing the body.  There are many theories suggesting that inflammation is the root of all or most diseases and illnesses.  If you are dealing with an acute or chronic condition, inflammation is probably a culprit.  Chronic inflammation is thought to arise from the digestive system and liver.  Even conditions like high cholesterol, weight gain, allergies and skin conditions can be related to this theory.  Therefore, cleansing is necessary to clear or detox the body in order to move to a healthy balance.

I did not know that I was dealing with chronic inflammation.  I started using my essential oils and began to have some skin irritations.  I knew that I had good quality oils so I had a feeling something was going on inside my body.

Through research and consultation, I discovered that I was dealing with a toxin commonly found in industrial cleaning products. Toxins can lay dormant in the fat tissues of our body which includes the skin.  This may be why I showed a skin irritation to certain oils.

So, my next question was – how do I get this cleared?!  I discovered that essential oils could be part of a plan for cleansing.  Some essential oils – that may clear or protect the liver include Rosemary, Fennel and Celery Seed.  Inhale or diffuse on a regular basis.

Also, consider the following for a cleansing plan:

Diet – avoiding inflammatory foods such as sugar and wheat.

Exercise – releases feel good emotions that may reduce inflammation.

Environment – awareness of toxins in cleaning products and actively switching to green clean options.

Relaxation therapies – may minimize inflammation and bring balance.

Also, consider organic juices, wolfberries and digestive enzymes which can support the digestive system.

My plan began 10 years ago and I continue to do a cleansing protocol on a daily basis.  I now am able to use essential oils on my skin with minimal to no irritation.  We are continuously being exposed to toxins in our environment.  Some believe that daily support of cleansing our body is necessary for health.

I am grateful for my skin “reaction”.  It told me how “sick” my system was without having any real physical symptoms.  I have shared my story and others have had great benefits.  Please contact me if you would like to learn more or wish to schedule a consultation.