Energy Healing and Cancer

In Healing Touch by Debra Reis

I attended the Healing Touch conference in August and was amazed by Dr William Bengston’s presentation on “Energy Cure.” He provides a nice synopsis of his research and healing work in his book, the Energy Cure. In his presentation, he provided several propositions:
1. Cancer can be cured using “energy healing” – this proposition is based on his research which is outlined in his book and primarily done with mice.
2. Once cured, cancer is cured for life – his speculation is that an immune factor can be transferred.
3. There is a “dose response” to treatment – again this is based on his experiments and he speculates that remission rate may be related to mass or metabolic rate.

These were his top 3 propositions as given at conference. Personally, I found his information to be thought provoking and extremely informative. It certainly gives me ideas on future directions for cancer care. As a Healing Touch Practitioner, it gives me greater incentive to offer this modality as part of a wellness plan.