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Quench Your Chaos with Your Aromatherapy

In Aromatherapy, Relaxation Therapies, STEP by Debra Reis

Need to quench your chaos which fuels your stress? Consider this tip: Place a drop of essential oil on a tissue or rub together on your hands and inhale deeply. You may even wish to inhale right from the bottle. I did this the other day after a very stress-filled day at work! It was quick and easy and absolutely …

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Calm Your Chaos with This Tip!

In Relaxation Therapies, STEP by Debra Reis

Relaxation Tip When you feel energetically depleted or maybe even burned out, you can be set up for health challenges. Often, stress is unavoidable. It can be a challenge to even remember self-care let alone to do a relaxation intervention.  However, if you do not do something to bring balance to yourself then you are not able to be your …

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Essential Oil Reactions and Inflammation

In Aromatherapy, Natural Healing, STEP by Debra Reis

Essential oils give me a rash –– what do I do? Here’s the good news: you can use essential oils and absolutely be safe and healthy doing it. Most times a rash/reaction is actually your body clueing you in to the fact that there’s MORE going on beneath the surface. Learning to listen to these alarms can set you up for …

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Tune Up Your Frequency – Just Move!

In Nia, STEP by Debra Reis

Did your exercise or fitness routine/schedule get messed up with this pandemic and all of the restrictions!? Mine did. My gym closed down and when it reopened there were new guidelines to remember. Yes, you can do exercise at home or around the yard but do you ever get distracted? My family believes if I am at home then I …

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Safe Essential Oil Practice in Cancer Centers

In Aromatherapy, Featured, STEP by Debra Reis

BY TISHA THRONE JONES, MSW, AND DEBRA REIS, MSN, RN, CNP Published online: September 13, 2018 Cite this article: Tisha Throne Jones & Debra Reis (2018) Safe Essential Oil Practice in Cancer Centers, Oncology Issues, 33:5, 48-54, DOI: 10.1080/10463356.2018.1502530 Read Full Article Cancer and cancer treatment can result in a multitude of side effects and symptom burdens that are prevalent …

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Supporting Cancer Care with Essential Oils

In Aromatherapy, Featured, STEP, Videos by Debra Reis

Aromatherapy is a popular support for many cancer survivors. Debra Reis discusses important safety facts to consider when using essential oils. Debra Reis identifies 2 reasons why safety is important regarding using essential oils with those who have a cancer diagnosis. She also shares 3 oils that are used in cancer care. THE SUPPORTIVE THERAPY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM (S.T.E.P.) Debra Reis …

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Developing an Aromatherapy Program for Outpatient Oncology

In Aromatherapy, STEP by Debra Reis

Debra Reis, MSN, RN, CNP, Tisha Throne Jones, MSW, Glenna Frey, MSN, RN Vol. 6 Issue 2 Fall 2017 IJPHA, pages 21 – 25. Download digital article as a pdf here. The purpose of this article is to share the process used for the development and implementation of an Aromatherapy program in a multisite cancer center. Essential oils are a …