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Quench Your Chaos with Your Aromatherapy

In Aromatherapy, Relaxation Therapies, STEP by Debra Reis

Need to quench your chaos which fuels your stress? Consider this tip: Place a drop of essential oil on a tissue or rub together on your hands and inhale deeply. You may even wish to inhale right from the bottle. I did this the other day after a very stress-filled day at work! It was quick and easy and absolutely …

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Calm Your Chaos with This Tip!

In Relaxation Therapies, STEP by Debra Reis

Relaxation Tip When you feel energetically depleted or maybe even burned out, you can be set up for health challenges. Often, stress is unavoidable. It can be a challenge to even remember self-care let alone to do a relaxation intervention.  However, if you do not do something to bring balance to yourself then you are not able to be your …

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Essential Oils of the Bible

In Aromatherapy, Holidays, Relaxation Therapies by Debra Reis

As we come out of the Christmas season, we’ve been reminded of the Biblical stories of essential oils given to the Christ child. But have you ever wondered, why these gifts? Here are some ideas on why these oil gifts were chosen and their importance for today. We recall the story of the three wise men bringing gifts to the …