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Soar to Success: Creating Supportive Therapies that Fill the Gap

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Read Magazine Online Download PDF Article       – Debra Reis, RN, MSN Have you heard of treating side effects of medical procedures with supportive therapies? We hadn’t until becoming acquainted with Author, Speaker and Nurse Practitioner, Debra Reis, MSN. She shared with us that as a nurse, she had been working in clinical settings and had witnessed first-hand the …

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Frequency of Life

In Aromatherapy, Healing Touch, Natural Healing, Nia by Debra Reis

It is said that everything alive vibrates. This is where we get the language – vibrational frequency. A motion not usually seen with the naked eye but certainly measurable as electromagnetic waves or hertz. Our bodies have different frequencies. Even the earth has a frequency. Research has shown that the body frequency will decrease with illness. Review the work of …

Energy Healing and Cancer

In Healing Touch by Debra Reis

I attended the Healing Touch conference in August and was amazed by Dr William Bengston’s presentation on “Energy Cure.” He provides a nice synopsis of his research and healing work in his book, the Energy Cure. In his presentation, he provided several propositions: 1. Cancer can be cured using “energy healing” – this proposition is based on his research which …