Balsam Fir – A Healthy Scent for the Holiday (& Anyday)

In Aromatherapy, Holidays by Debra Reis

Balsam Fir – the fragrance gives me the feeling and memory of Christmas. A whole scene unfolds with family time of getting and decorating the Christmas tree and sharing love and laughter with others.

Balsam fir has a history for being supportive of the respiratory system and healing muscle discomfort. It has been studied for its antiinflammatory properties which may be one reason for its effects against some cancer cells in recent research.

Balsam fir essential oil fragrance is grounding, stimulating to the mind and relaxing to the body.

Balsam Fir essential oil can be inhaled, diffused, appplication neat or dilute 50/50 with your favorite carrier oil.