Ageless Grace – My Experience

In Featured, Nia by Debra Reis

Monday night I had the privelege to experience an Ageless Grace class led by Patricia Scott. Ageless Grace is a program that consists of 21 tools for lifelong comfort and ease which can be done by almost anyone of any age or ability (sign me up!). It is referred to as “Timeless Fitness for the Body & Mind.” All of the exercises are designed to be practiced in a chair using movements that are natural without need to learn any choreography. This program is the brainchild of Denise Medved and you can check out more at

Our group really enjoyed the Ageless Grace experience. Patricia had us do a body awareness check – where were the aches, discomforts, stiffness, etc. We made a note of it on our sheets and then put it away. She led us through 7 of the 21 tools which were easy and fun. Our group was a variety of ages and ability and all were laughing and playing with the moves! After the class, again we did a body awareness check – very interesting that my shoulder ache and neck stiffness were gone! Others reported back concerns and feet issues feeling much better.

I believe this will be a great class to offer to community as well as the cancer survivor group that does movement classes in my area. I plan to do the March training which will be held in Bloomfield Hills, MI. There are other trainings throughout the country – chech the website for more information.

Best wishes and Happy Moving!