What is supportive therapy?

Supportive Therapy helps build and focus the body’s entire range of resources — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — to help fight the arduous side effects of serious medical treatment.

A program of one or more Supportive Therapies may reduce pain and discomfort; it can keep you mentally strong and their outlook healthy and positive. You can move forward with greater peace and comfort.

Essential Oil Therapy

Essential oils are concentrated extracts from plants and trees which have shown to provide specific benefits for overall health, wellness and balance. Essential oil therapy has been proven to help relieve the discomfort associated with a wide variety of health conditions.

Essential Oils for Your First Aid Toolbox
Relaxation during Stress Event with Essential Oils

Relaxation Therapies

This group of therapy systems include energy therapy such as Healing Touch, Guided Imagery and Visualization. These therapies can help to balance and align you. Relaxation therapies have shown to give relief from acute and chronic discomfort, support the immune system, reduce anxiety and stress, and promote recovery from surgery.

An Introduction to the Healing Touch Program

Gentle Movement Therapies

This includes Nia, Ageless Grace and Imaginal Body movement. Nia is a fitness program blending elements from dance, martial arts and yoga to help build strength and flexibility. Ageless Grace is done in a chair for comfort and ease. Imaginal Body work uses gentle, subtle movements which may be supported by light touch to help correct physical concerns. All programs can be done in class format or private session.

Short Nia Demonstration

“When I was a kid, I fractured my skull in a bicycle accident, and so I contend with left-right issues. Nia has greatly helped this problem.
When I started, I just moved with the music doing what I could, which was seldom the Nia step, but Deb said, “So what? Just keep on moving and having fun. Nia is moving in the body’s way—whatever way that might be.”
About two years into the classes, I noticed I was doing the same steps as the others in the room. Now, I can learn patterns and follow when a leader calls out steps. Mostly, I love Nia because the movement teaches me to listen to my body and appreciate the harmony within myself that resonates with other Nia dancers.
Nia is dancing to the rhythms of life, to the heartbeats that connect two or more gathered to share in the wondrous experience of transcending time and space to reach the joy and serenity awaiting those say, “yes!” to the moment. Nia teaches us the wisdom of gratitude.”
– Paulette D. Kilmer

Request a Consultation

Your consultation will include setting goals for your healing plan. Debra will review the varieties of Supportive Therapies and the practice and benefits of each.

The first part of the session will select a specific combination of therapies to help reach your goal. This may include exercise tips, healthy foods, and/or stress management techniques.

The second part of the session will be a practice session in the healing techniques selected, such as essential oil therapy, relaxation therapy, or gentle movement therapy.

This service is by appointment and usually 60 minutes in length. You will receive educational information and practical tips to use every day at home.

Request a Consultation