Debra is passionate about holistic healing modalities integrating a mind, body, spirit approach to health and wellness.

Debra Reis


About Debra

Debra Reis, is an author, speaker, and nurse practitioner specializing in holistic health and supportive therapies including essential oils, relaxation techniques and gentle movement therapies. She is the director and an instructor for the Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy program for the Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy and nationally known expert in the area of essential oils for cancer care. Deb has a gift for making complex information easy to understand and integrate into practice.

Debra is the founder of the Supportive Therapy Engagement Program (STEP) to assist organizations to implement and integrate supportive therapies into a patient treatment plan for better outcomes.

Debra is a Nia Black Belt instructor offering community classes as well as specialty classes for cancer survivors. Nia is a fusion fitness program integrating mind, body, spirit concepts through movement. Her current research and recent publication is in the area of Nia benefits for women with a breast cancer diagnosis. Deb incorporates relaxation therapies such as guided imagery and aromatherapy at an outpatient oncology center and maintains an independent practice as a holistic consultant and practitioner. She has several publications to her credit and has given many presentations on holistic topics.


Healing Touch Program


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Debra’s presentations can be provided as a keynote, breakout, or full day class that meet your group or organization’s needs. Debra will customize the presentation based on your group’s interest and needs.

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Speaking Topics

Essential Oils – using them wisely for yourself and clients
• Identify factors for quality and safety
• Learn 5 oils to use for everyday health and wellness

Relaxation Therapies – balancing from the inside out
• Discover 3 quick tools to bring inner balance and peace
• Learn how to strengthen and support healthy immune function

Gentle Movement Therapies – build strength and flexibility with ease and grace
• Discover body awareness and body sensation as a healing tool
• Identify movement for Your Body’s Way


Debra’s recent speaking presentations include:

  • ProMedica Goerlich Center nursing personnel (for Alzheimer and Dementia), Sylvania, OH
  • Roseau Medical Center nursing personnel, Roseau, MN
  • Essential oil groups at various locations in the U.S. and Australia
  • Nia research study presented to Biennial Sigma Theta Tau Convention, National Conference Cancer Nursing Research
  • CAM therapies to Parish Nurse Group, Toledo, OH


• Nurse Practitioner, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1998
• M.S.N., Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1986
• B.S.N., University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. Graduated Cum Laude, 1982
• Diploma, Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, Toledo, OH, 1979


“Very informative class.”
Participant, Essential Oils for Cancer Care, a 6 hour CE class

“Deb is easy to listen to and makes learning fun!”
– Participant, Essential Oils for Cancer Care, a 6 hour CE class

“Debra has a great understanding for essential oil application for cancer care.”
Participant, Essential Oils for Cancer Care, a 6 hour CE class

“Thank you so much for the GREAT new book you have just released on Inflammation. I have now read it four times and each time I found something new to digest. It is obvious that you spent a great deal of time and effort compiling this valuable information. I had no idea that we treat inflammation with “band aids“ most of the time instead of finding the root cause of the problem. Thankfully, you have done that and given us some terrific ideas, recipes, and systematic investigation techniques that provide solutions for all individuals as different as we all are. I’m sure I will read your book many more times because it has already become a reference guide for me to deal with the results of Cancer Treatments over the last six years.

In conclusion, I will say, “Thank God that someone dug a little deeper into this mysterious phenomenon and actually got some answers“. I would like to add that your “Radiation Special Report“ is also full of good tips and solutions to a very difficult problem for many of us with Cancer issues. Thanks, for that also.”
– Clarence Burge